Kiki Wellness

Health. It's Personal.

We’re passionate about helping people live stress-free lives.

We know that happiness starts from within and that quality & trust matters, which is why we’re personally dedicated to our philosophy of high standards, transparency and efficacy.

Our Promise

We work hand in hand with our suppliers & are dedicated to only using the highest quality ingredients. No shortcuts, no compromises.

Meet the Founders

As a former teacher, I regularly felt stressed out and overwhelmed, but I couldn’t find a natural solution to my stress that didn’t make me feel drowsy or even more stressed. So, with the help of experts, we decided to create the solution.

We founded Kiki Wellness with the belief that true health & wellness starts from within and as a former college athlete, I know the true importance of quality, wholesome ingredients. With us, you’ll know why we picked each ingredient, where it comes from & you’ll know exactly how much of each ingredient we use.

Welcome to Kiki Wellness. 

Kinslee Isaman
CEO & Founder  

I have struggled with stress and focus since I can remember. For years I have researched and tried countless stress products, only to feel lethargic or out of it, which ended up increasing my stress afterwards.

In working with Kinslee we’ve finally found a solution that works.

Kiki Wellness makes my day better and I am excited about what it can do for you as well.

Devon Zielinski
COO & Founder