Kiki Wellness

When the going gets tough, the giving gets going

As a former elementary teacher I know the struggles that teachers face on a daily basis. From being overworked and often underappreciated, it can be a very stressful job at times. Currently, teachers are being asked to do even more, with less. Less support, less resources, less time with their families. If anyone deserves extra support right now, it’s them.

We’re on a MISSION to help, so we’ve decided to give a portion of our proceeds from the launch to teachers, to help them get the resources they need & the self care they deserve. At Kiki, we truly believe that wellness and self care are ESSENTIAL. Our goal is to help everyone win the day by starting it off on the right foot. Take your vitamins, clear your mind and move your body. And everytime you order, know that you’re supporting the wellness of teachers, too. And THAT MATTERS.